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Book home sleep test for Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

CPAP Professional offers professional sleep test services under AASM guideline. You’re welcome to make appointment anytime.



Free Delivery and Shipping


Within Hong Kong, we provide free shipping for all purchases.

Our professional staffs will be responsible for home-delivery and guidance for every CPAP purchases.

For customer in other countries or regions, free shipping is available for HK$500 up purchases.



CPAP Therapy Services


In spite of selling CPAP machines, we are dedicated to offer complete support over the course of your CPAP therapy.

For every CPAP machines being sold from our store, they come with all the following services and accessories without extra charges:


  1. Mask + Headgear | Choose from any mask available in our store.
  2. Tubing/hose | Include universal hose and heated hose (if available).
  3. Heated Humidifier | Come with CPAP main unit in full package.
  4. Home-delivery by professional staffs | With usage guidance.
  5. Report Analysis We will explain and give advice for usage data obtained from CPAP machines.
  6. Detailed Report | Permanent support for generating and printing detailed report for more professional support(if available).
  7. 2-years warranty | Free maintenance and repair for non man-caused damages.
  8. Oximetry test | Unlimited times for free oximetry test within warranty. Twice a year after warranty.
  9. Ozone disinfection | Unlimited times free disinfection services for CPAP machines within warranty. Twice a year after warranty.


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1. Sale and prices of any product will apply in accordance with most updated information on our website.

2. All prices are marked in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD/HK$).

3. Exclusions to the warranty

3-1. Warranty does not apply under the following conditions:

a. Misuse by not following the instructions properly.

b. Any accidental, misuse or intentional damages causing malfunction.

c. Unauthorized repairing or modification done to the product.

d. Improper voltage supply.

e. Normal wear and tear.

f. Transfer of ownership.

g. Damage caused by acts of nature or natural disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, typhoons and other natural disasters.

h. Dissatisfaction on the product other than its quality, e.g. product color, outlook, shape.

i. Damage by storing the product in a hot or humid location, or by submerging the product (water, coffee, beverage and etc.).

3-2. Customers could not present their sales receipt or valid warranty label.

3-3. Accessories or gifts are not being covered.

3-4. In case of any dispute, CPAP Professional reserves the rights for any final decision. 

4. Warranty and after-sales services do not apply to product related softerware, ie. mobile apps, analysis software.

5. No open box returns for all products except CPAP machines.

6. All repaired parts are the properties of CPAP Professional. CPAP Professional should not be held liable to any damage done to the surface of the product during repairment.

7. Warranty and services in only applicable in Hong Kong.

8. CPAP Professional remain the right to not offer any repairment to discontinued products or parts,
or damage that cannot be repaired.

9. CPAP Professional should not be held liable to any malfunction and/or suspicious scenarios after any software or firmware upgrade, downgrade and/or modification on products by customer / the Company (on behalf of / requested by customer).

10. CPAP Professional reserves the right to vary or cancel the offers and/or amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, CPAP Professional’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

11. For any dispute arising from refund or return of the goods, the decision of CPAP Professional shall be final and conclusive.